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Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin Have a Donald Trump Impression-Off, Cause This is the World We Live In Now


What I’m seeing here is a strong, glaring symptom of Alec Baldwin’s growing inability to break character: you can only play the cheeto puff-dusted, tangerine-coated, red-faced-angry-hockey-dad, golden-haired swine so many times before you lose yourself in the infinite abyss of the very man’s tweet-riddled mind.


Let’s Take a Collective Cringe For This Drawn-Out Handshake Between Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe That Knew No End

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Some people might suggest this handshake’s as long and cringe-inducing and painful to look at as Donald Trump’s presidency. 

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Don’t Know Your ABCs? Allow Sean Spicer and His Tenuous Grasp of the English Language to Help with Sean Spicer’s Alternative ABCs


What did we do to deserve Sean Spicer? For Fail Blog, he has provided us with an unending stream of hilarious content as he carries forth the words of a man who is very concerned about his own bathrobe ownership. 

But what’s really great about Spicer is not his love of cinnamon-flavored gum or his obsession with Dippin’ Dots. No, it is his inability to read a prepared statement without getting lost in a sea of letters. 

With that in mind, GQ has put together a video of some of Mr. Spicer’s greatest mispronounciations. Hits include:

  • Fress Office
  • Althewise 
  • Historicalhistoric
  • Grobe
  • Nuch

And your favorite and mine:

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How a Farmer, a Nerd, and the Country of Scotland Trolled Donald Trump


Sometimes you hear of a man so annoying, so unpleasant that a whole country decides to troll the shit out of him. 

That man: The reality-TV gameshow host Donald Trump, the President of the United States for some reason. 

That country: Scotland.

On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, correspondent Amy Hoggart traveled to Scotland to see how the country made trolling Trump a national pastime. 

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John Oliver Stopped By to Chat With Stephen Colbert About the Unstable Nature of His Own Immigration Status



People Are Having a Blast Finishing Donald Trump’s Tweets

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The president of being a reality-TV gameshow host and also the United States of America is having a hard time getting his Muslim Ban through — mostly becuase it’s unconstitutional. And like a person who didn’t like the service at their local Denny’s, he’s tweeting about it. 

However, unlike someone who didn’t like their All-American Slam Burger, tweeting about issues like a racist travel ban requires more than 140 characters. So he got cut off in the middle of this tweet:

So people are finishing the tweet for him, and honestly, I wish this would happen more often. It’s very funny.

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