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Future Person of the Year Remixed Trump’s Inauguration Concert to Include Smash Mouth and I Can’t Stop Watching It

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I know everyone came here to hear 3 Doors Down for the first time in 16 years, but this is really important too!

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Real-Life Superhero Added Trump Quotes to Famous Comic Book Covers and POW! They’re Great

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Up in the sky! It’s Bird! It’s a plane! It’s, oh, Donald Trump.

The Tumblr “The Unquotable Trump” is in the repurposing Trump game. While people like Mark Hamill have had their comic book fun reading quotes of that reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last year, this Tumblr sees Trump in the funny pages.

In “The Unquotable Trump,” Artist R. Sikoryak takes things that Trump actually says and recreates some classic Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and Captain America covers with Trump getting in the mix. These re-imaginings of classic comics are amazing. ‘Nuff said. Check ‘em out.








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People Inspired and Devastated Alike, Hatch Up Donald Trump-Inspired Inauguration Day Drinking Games

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Read the label closely on this bottled up thread of booze-minded, politically-fueled goodness: many of these games are guaranteed to give your tolerance for the alcohol a solid run, all the while pulverizing your liver. And hey, maybe that’s exactly what some of us find ourselves hopelessly looking for as we stare out at the abyss of what some might call the ‘death of the American Dream’, while others see hope and promise. I don’t know. Let’s hoist a glass either way and enjoy the circus.

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Little Rascals Recut as Fast and Furious 7 Makes Two Great Movies One Great Movie


The He-Man Woman Haters’ Club is about one thing: Family.

This recut of The Little Rascals movie, using audio from Furious 7 is probably the best thing you’ll see today.

You’d never know it, but hearing Vin Diesel,  Tyrese, and Jason Statham’s voice come out of Alfafa, Spanky, and Buckwheat is incredible. Not to mention the perfect matching of the soapbox derby with the dubstep of Furious 7

Ugh. This is perfect. And thank you for not putting Donald Trump (that billionaire, reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last yera) in this trailer because he’s 100% in The Little Rascals movie as, get this, the loser rich kid’s father.

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Site Specifically Tailored for Single Trump Supporters Wants to Make Dating Great Again

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Just when I thought I’d seen it all with dating apps, this shit comes to fruition: a dating service intended for likeminded, single Trump supporters ready to swipe right on making dating great again. At least we’ve a venue that can act as a beacon for the lost, single souls out there bonded through their shared respect, potential adoration for the tangerine-skinned, golden-haired Prez Elect—DJ Trump. “What are your thoughts on the Wall?” Solid conversation starter material right there.

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Trump’s 2020-Election Slogan Borrows From aThe Purge

trump steal purge slogan keep america great

And we spiral toward The Purge faster than expected.

“Make America Great Again,” the slogan Donald Trump took from a Ronald Reagan pin, set the tone for election 2016, a world with no answers and plenty of confusion.

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Adding to the list of borrowed slogans in that reality-TV gameshow host took from a scary source: The Purge

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump announced that his next election slogan would be “Keep America Great,” which, wouldn’t you know it, is the same tagline as The Purge: Election Year.

What does this mean? That 2020 is going to look a lot like The Purge? If Trump’s getting his slogans from the film series about a world where all crime is legal for one night, who knows what else he’s picking up on.

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