15 All New Dogs Looking Shocked Will Have You Laughing All Day

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As we all know, dogs have a wide range of complex emotions. They can feel happy, sad, guilty, excited, silly and one that we don't see often: shocked. Here is a hilarious collection of shocked doggos, and I hate to laugh at another's misfortune, but these pictures are priceless. Prepare your belly to ache with laughter. 

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Here Are Some Fresh Dog Memes To Make You Bark Of Laughter

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Let your borks free and howl at these hilarious doggos. These fresh out of the oven dog memes are sure to force you to crack a smile. If you're having a rough time shaking the cobwebs off, try some of these great inspirational pics and memes to give yourself a boost. Or maybe purify yourself with these perfect wholesome doggo memes.

Sometimes Twitter is gold. Whether its a celebrity flub, a politicians gaff, or hilarious captioned dog photos, these are some of the best dog tweets of the last year. You can't go wrong with some pupper Snapchats either. In fact, you just can't go wrong with anything dog-related. Ever. 

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36 Hot Doggy Dog Memes For A Paw-sitive Thursday!

Dog Memes of a dog wearing an Elizabethan cone and seeing a white lamp - and how excited dogs are when they give their owner a stick

Here are some hot doggo memes, straight from the grill to your plate! If you need more good boy goodness, check out last week's list

For next weeks list, we need your help to pick which doggo is the bestest, purest of them all. For now its a runoff between Lassy and that dog that invaded the football match and began to out-dribble the players, but that's just my opinion. For me I think the winners are the dogs that can make us howl with laughter and are just dopey doggos. What do you think?

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The 12 Zodiac Signs As Dog Memes

Dog Memes as Zodiac Signs

Twitter user, hellogorl, compiled this funny and accurate list of dog memes as the 12 zodiac signs.  

 Anything is paw-sible when you have a dog. You can come home to a tail-wagging adorable ball of fur and a meticulously kept house, or you can come home to a house that looks like a large bomb dropped in the center of the kitchen and just spread outwards. Dogs are absolute masters of chaos, second maybe to only cats, with the stark difference being cats do it on purpose, and dogs (for the most part) are blissfully ignorant of their capabilities for carnage. 

If you are looking to prep yourself for the scales of judgement, try this massive list of wholesome memes, or keep the adorable theme going with some of the most adorable dogs youve ever seen.

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