The 2019 Pooping Dogs Calendar is Finally Out

Calendar of pooping dogs that is actually on sale in stores

It's finally here! The calendar we've all been waiting for! The calendar reveals each month yet another beautiful pooch answering nature's call. And the best thing? $1 from each "Pooping Pooches" calendar is donated to the Maui Humane Society to support animals in need!  Available on Etsy and Amazon.

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15 Dog Balloons Way Up High On The Ceiling That May Be Stuck

upside down pictures of dogs that make them look like balloons that drifted up to the ceiling

* These dogs are not on the ceiling. The picture has been flipped to make it seem so and it's adorable!*

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18 Times Pets Gave Us The Ultimate and Adorable Look Of Betrayal

memes of pets with that look of betryal

Sometimes our pets betray us. We will do everything in our power to make them feel like royalty and they just won't care... (mainly cats) But sometimes, it's our pets that feel a bit betrayed as well...

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Admit it. They look better on me.

funny cat memes lolcats haha cute cute cats lol funny cats dress up meow cats are weird Cats cat memes - 9341027072

We all know that cats have massive egos, and need to be reassured multiple times throughout the day of how great they are. So yes, the shoes look good on you. But don't you think they're a teeny weeny bit big? Maybe you should ditch the shoes and try looking at some cat memes instead. Might be more your style. 


Top 30 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #71

funny cat memes for the rest of us

Every week we collect the highest voted cat memes that our users created for ICanHas Cheezburger's LOLCats. If you want to check out more cat memes that we know will make you laugh, check out Lolcat. If you have some funny ideas and would like to submit them, take a look at our Meme Builder.

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Dog Owners Are Hilariously Giving Their Dogs A Healthy Dose Of Honesty

funny call out posts by dog owners

Twitter user @drewmagary decided to just lay it out there on twitter and it gave pet owners the opportunity to sarcastically trash-talk their dogs behind their backs. 

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32 Tail-Wagging Good Boi Doggo Memes To Keep The Party Going

funny dog memes

Another round of pawsome doggo memes coming your way! Sit back and enjoy all the goodness! If you need more doggos in your life, check out last weeks dog memes, or perhaps you're in the mood for some wholesome dog memes, or hilarious Snapchat puppers. Whatever your dog-related need is, we've got it! 

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14 Stuck Dogs That Need a Hand

funny dogs got stuck

Exploring can get you in a bind when you don't have thumbs. Some of the way these dogs are stuck are actually a bit of a miracle. Who knew a lawn chair could so easily become a plastic prison for a good boy. For more, here are some more people and animals who got stuck in uncomfortable predicaments.

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