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29 Examples of Everyday Genius


.These people aren’t winning any awards or deriving new formulas or anything, these are just your everyday ordinary geniuses 

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They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

fail image bourne pharmacy

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Got 17.5 Hours? Enjoy This Man Clicking His Mouse One Million Times


Some people are deserpate to break a world record. Very desperate. 

On that list of very desperate people is YouTuber Tocen, who broke the world record of my clicks on a mouse in a single video. If you didn’t know that that was a record, shame on you! 

Tocen clicked his mouse one million times in 17 hours. So if you’re looking for something boring, monotonous, and oddly therapeutic, try skipping around in this video a little bit. It’s fun to watch this guy just clicking away. Click. 

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Finally, That Lovable Scamp Greg Maddus Is Pranking Baseball-Star Kris Bryant


There’s nothing better than a good baseball prank, especially when that no-good rapscallion and Hall of Famer Greg Maddux is involved. 

This century’s Dennis the Menace dressed up as a sound guy to trick Chicago Cub Kris Bryant. Man, this is the oldest one in the book, and Bryant fell for it. 

Props to you, Greg Maddux, and another one of your homerun goofs. 

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Charlie Day Eating the World’s Hottest Chicken Wings is the Long Lost ‘Always Sunny’ Segment We Needed


The reasons to love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star, Charlie Day are as endless as the TV character’s appetite for sniffing glue and self-medicating with whatever bottle’s within arm’s reach.

The following stress sweat-inducing documentation of Day wrestling the world’s most notoriously unforgiving gauntlet of hot chicken wings is the pinnacle of sadistic entertainment, and won’t fail to steer you clear of dabbling in any spice foods, for a while.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Randos on the Street If They Sex Last Night and Oh, Yeah, You Better Believe Some People Intercoursed


Jimmy Kimmel loves asking people on the street about their sex lives, as we all do. It’s just fun to know who’s getting laid and stuff because, oh, yeah, sex. 

You’re not going to believe this, but on the day after Valentine’s Day, well, people like to get, you know, intercoursed. Do you know what I’m saying? I’m talking about s-e-x, the physical act of love, people having it. 

So light some candels, eat an oyster, and pop open that merlot becuase random people on the street are saying whether or not they did “it” last night.


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