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Read the Mark Zuckerberg Parody So Dumb That People Believe It

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A good parody blends the truth with the funny in a way that makes you think, “hey, is this thing real?” Trust me, that’s what people in 1984 thought when they heard “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Eat It” for the first time. 

This parody of a Mark Zuckerberg post, in which the billionaire-founder of Facebook claims to be reconnecting with everyday Americans has people scratching their chin. 

Here’s the original, which seems like a parody of the very idea of “sincerity” to begin with:


Then hilarious Twitter user @pixelatedboat gave it a rewrite: 

And for some reason, people thought that Mark Zuckerberg actually made a man eat his own newspaper sports section:

Mr. Pierre, with all due respect, come on!

This guy, who is also the editor-in-chief of “the best source of new on the Kansas City Royals,” threatened to not buy a Facebook account or something:

Everyone needs to get out of the house more. 

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Finally, Someone Made a Video of Tiny Trump and It Will Make American Cute Again


Tiny Trump, a great meme for a great country. It’s not every president that gets turned into a pint-sized little ruler. So far, from what I can surmise after thinking about it for about 30 seconds, it’s Trump and George W. Bush. Remember this show: 

via TV Tropes

Me neither. 

But Tiny Trump is it’s own special little thing. It’s cute and fun, and it reminds us of the precious toddler-sized ego of that reality-TV gameshow host who is our president for some stupid reason.

Check out some more Tiny Trumps:

Tiny Trump

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Straight-up Amateur House


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21 Utterly Mind-Bottling Facts

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After Getting Evicted, They Found Out That This Dude Really Liked Bud Light


What would they find in your apartment after you die? A bunch of comic books? Some mustard? Your cat eating your corpse?

Well, after this dude got evicted, they found a mountain of Bud Light cans. Apparently, they were hoarding them instead of paying rent. Makes sense to me. 

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49 More Times Parents Were Assholes to Their Kids


Here are more times parents were total assholes and certainly not trying to help their kids in any way. 

Round 1 is here.

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