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Dirty Martini? Certainly, sir.

funny pictures - Dirty Martini?  Certainly, sir.

Dirty Martini? Certainly, sir.

sowndz pwetty fansee 2 meh!

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VIDEO: Kitteh’s Crazy Breakdance

Bussta moov!

Engrish Funny: Throw Up The Fox Sign

The Colonel WIN

epic win photos - The Colonel WIN

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WIN!: Build Your Own Star Destroyer WIN

epic win photos - WIN!: Build Your Own Star Destroyer WIN

So, the LEGO Star Destroyer model is a Real Thing (for a mere $400) that I had no idea existed. Looks like I found a new way to burn a weekend!

Check the via link for more pictures!

Linsanity WIN

In all fairness, we have just a touch of the Linsanity here on WIN. Not being the biggest basketball fans, mind you, we’re always one to root for the dark horse free agent who still sleeps on his brother’s couch. Way to be, dude.

We may have just a mild case of the Lin’s (really, it’ll probably wear off in a few days). The printed news, however… Well, let’s just say it’s terminal: